28 Sep

28 September 2023

Are you interested in applying to a university/college but not sure where to begin? University/college allows you to learn and specialize in a field of interest. Going to university/college can lay a solid basis for a career that you are interested in, and that allows you to take control of your future, whether you are a high school graduate looking to apply for an undergraduate degree or a graduate or professional wishing to pursue a postgraduate degree.

This is an exciting chapter in your education and worth all the experience. Applying to a university/college is easier than you imagine. You only need to prepare the necessary documentation and concentrate on key factors outlined in the requirements.

Decide on what you want. 

Make sure you select the best university/college and program because further education and training is a big deal and a significant commitment for your future. The years you spent at university/college the knowledge and skills you attain give you an understanding, skills, and expertise to make significant contributions to the world of work and economy.

Depending on your chosen major, research the institutions’ offerings and fields of study. You can always use the internet to gather information on the list of universities/colleges as a starting point for your research. Before picking the institution of interest and starting the application process, it is a good idea to read the evaluations that other students leave, weigh the advantages, and gather essential information.

Do your research

Research the specific application requirements of the university you wish to apply to and compile a detailed guide because each university has specific requirements. The university/college website or the admissions office can provide all the required information.

Make a list for each university you plan to apply to and make sure you understand the various procedures. The university application dates should also be noted carefully because submitting an application after the closing date can be challenging as your application might not be considered.

When it comes to funding for your university studies, applying early is crucial. Suppose you plan to apply for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), bursaries, or scholarships. In that case, you must apply at least six months before you begin your studies and provide documentation showing that you have done so. Therefore, starting your university/college application on time is always best and:

  • Always double-check your applications for any potential errors or spelling mistakes.
  • Check the official university/college website for application deadlines.
  • Track the progress of your application so that you stay in the loop.

This will be beneficial if you ever realize a mistake in your application or have a change of mind, as you will still have time to make adjustments.

If you are planning to further your studies and enrol at a university/college, UASA wishes you the best of luck. You have what it takes and you will make it.

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