19 Apr

19 April 2023

Our country’s high unemployment rate challenge negatively impacts most people, while the youth is among the most affected groups. Some individuals possess the skills and qualifications required to be active participants in the South African economy but cannot participate for various reasons.

The sad reality is that unemployment can be a very challenging point in life. It isn’t easy to stay motivated and to keep pushing. In this blog, UASA looks at a few tips that can help job seekers remain positive and motivated.

Stay motivated – Being unemployed can be frustrating and disheartening. However, keeping yourself occupied with projects and hobbies that inspire you can increase your general well-being and may entice your whole perspective during the job-seeking process. Being angry and frustrated because of unemployment is normal, but it may also work against you as potential employers might pick up this in your tone or behaviour towards interviews. Learn new ways to help you stay motivated throughout your employment-seeking process.

Network – Networking is one of the best effective ways that one can use to land a job or even advance in their career. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook have made it easy for job seekers and professionals to network and interact with each other skilfully. On these platforms, there are chances for one to attend free seminars, workshops, or short courses, use this opportunity to your advantage. You never know when the next opportunity will arise, interact with others, and stop isolating yourself.

Volunteer – Participating in community initiatives can assist you in developing skills that will help with your job search, as you can list your church or community leaders as your reference on your resume. Consider volunteering your expertise at your church, local community centers, NGO, and other places. Not only will this keep you busy, but it will also give you a sense of achievement because making a difference in your community benefits all who live in it.

Celebrate small achievements – Maintaining a positive attitude when unemployed can be challenging, but celebrating small achievements like attending an interview or completing a short ourse can be encouraging. Celebrate that you were called for an interview even though some of them may have performed terribly. Being invited to an interview indicates that things are moving forward and that you have better chances of landing a job. Celebrate your progress, learn from it, and use it to keep your spirits up.

Maintain positive thoughts – Although challenging, you must think positively when nothing is going right. It would help if you always try pleasant and clean thoughts. Thinking positively at a time when it seems like nothing is working out can be quite a challenge. That being said, it is something you need to do. Keep your thoughts pure and positive, do not assume something is wrong with you. Consider the steps you took to reach where you are, remember that you can accomplish everything you set your mind to, and have faith in your skills.

Don’t compare yourself to others – Making yourself feel inferior to others can derail your motivation. You may feel distressed or feel a sense of being left behind. Recognizing that we will not all get equal opportunities simultaneously is crucial. It’s okay if some things happen more quickly than others or if some take longer. You will excel when the time is right. Keep your head up and strive for that next opportunity.

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