21 Mar

 21 March 2024

UASA joins the rainbow nation in celebrating Human Rights Day, a symbolic day that reminds citizens of their rights and reinforces our commitment to the Bill of Rights as protected in the Constitution.

Observing Human Rights Day under the theme: “Three Decades of Respect for and Promotion of Human Rights,” UASA reminds its members and South Africans that our country has laws adopted to protect all citizens against unfair practices and unlawful acts. This means that everyone has the ability to live and coexist freely.

The Constitution is the ultimate protector of our human rights; hence, everyone needs to learn and know the basic rights afforded to them. These rights are but not limited to:

Life – everyone has the right to life.

Equality – everyone is equal before the law and may not be unfairly discriminated against.

Human Dignity – everyone has inherent human dignity, which must be respected.

Freedom of expression – you have the right to speak or express yourself in whatever way you choose, but hate speech is not allowed.

Freedom of association—everyone has the right to associate with anyone they choose. This means people have a right to associate with a trade union, a political party, or any other association, including religious denominations and organisations.

Health care, food, water, and social security – you have the right to access health care, adequate food, water, and social security.

Children – every child has the right to a name, nationality, and protection from abuse and exploitation.  

Education – you have the right to receive primary education in the official language of your choice where that education is reasonably practicable.

Freedom of religion, belief, and opinion—you have the right to think, believe in, and belong to a religion of your choice.

Freedom and security of the person – you have a right to be free from violence and not be detained without trial.

Privacy – your right to privacy includes your body, home, and possessions.

Labour relations – every worker and employer has the right to organise and negotiate to further their aims.

UASA calls upon all of its members, employers, employees, and the government to unite and fight to improve all lives in this rainbow nation. We must commit to safer working conditions and workplaces for all, including society and communities.

Promoting equality and raising awareness of human rights is a proficient way to assist fellow South Africans in overcoming challenges including social and economic barriers in their daily lives.

Happy Human Rights Day to UASA Members and the Rainbow Nation.


Ref: www.dsac.gov.za                                                                        www.uasa.org.za


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