29 Jun

29 June 2023

“Your services are no longer required” – a retrenchment fairy tale, unbelievable at first but a reality in the end. Being retrenched is not just about not having an income anymore; it creates severe worry, anxiety, and confusion as you try to figure out what to do next. You will need to be honest with yourself and take time to think carefully about your next approach to job hunting. Use this opportunity to create something new, great, and exceptional for your career.

The ‘UASA Between Jobs’ guide helps workers, youth and those who are retrenched understand the way forward towards looking for a new job and getting back into the market. A copy of this handbook can be obtained at UASA Head Office and service centers. UASA encourages workers, members, and youth to utilize this copy to gain more insight about landing employment and recovering from a retrenchment. Take action and do something.

Know yourself

Reflecting on yourself makes it easy for you to reach your goals when looking for a job. This means knowing things that make you employable and a good candidate for a company. Experience, knowledge, and skills count. You can contact your former colleagues or managers if you need assistance understanding more about your industry’s skills and technicalities. They could provide valuable feedback concerning your work and how they perceive your experience in the field.

Writing your CV

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a true reflection of your abilities, skills, and knowledge that companies consider very important before they consider meeting with you in person. With the use of technology and applications, there are many templates and formats for a CV. However, the best way is to keep it clean and straightforward.

Securing the job

Even if it seems like something one never wants to think of again, you might get retrenched again; it happens. How can you ensure that the possibility of that happening is low?

  • Find ways to make yourself valuable to the company. If you find out that your industry is changing due to external factors, start learning new skills that will help you remain relevant to these changes.
  • Upskill and develop yourself by attending short courses that will enhance your position in the company that you work for. Never stop learning.
  • Get involved by learning more about your industry, customers, technology, and any changes that may be coming to ensure that you are ready and set to take on a new challenge.
  • In this current economic state, having a job is a privilege, and you must care for yourself to ensure you keep your job. Be a solution and innovative, driven person who will bring value to the organization.

Retrenchments happen but don’t let them stand in your way of success. Get up and try again. Be confident enough to know that an organization is always ready to hire and put your skills to good use. Don’t give up!

Ref: www.uasa.org.za





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