13 Jan

13 January 2023    

Children and parents are likely to experience worry during the back-to-school period. This is because specific changes such as changing schools, grades, or educators can be a scary transition for the young ones.

This is why it is important to discuss this transition with your child and ensure that you are there to advice and guide them. You can also find activities that will make your child more interested in going to school.

UASA has put together a few tips that can help parents to adjust and assist their children efficiently:

Be calm – If your child throws a fit about returning to school, maintain your composure and refrain from getting irritated or angry. Be patient with your child and attend to their needs. Learning a new environment might be as challenging for them, and the last thing they need is an impatient parent.

Switch into school mode – Organise everything beforehand. Practice morning and evening routines. Move to a school-year schedule a few weeks in advance. This includes school wake-up times, bedtimes, and mealtimes. This will assist your child with a dedicated routine.

Be positive – Kids tend to perform well in a positive environment, and that is what you must strive to provide for them. Think of the advantages and how conducive it is to be in a progressive space that allows you to function well. Be that environment and length for your child.

Find a support system – You can look up a group of other parents like you who have children in schools and be part of that support structure. Or maybe a close family member or friend whom you can talk to help ease the back-to-school anxiety you may be feeling.

Not only children experience anxiety around back-to-school time. Parents also do. Ensuring that all back-to-school necessities are available for their child, including school fees, uniforms, transport, extra-curricular activities, aftercare, and meals, among other things, can be very stressful for parents who also need to work and run their households.

While on the hand, students may be anxious about fitting in, completing their assignments, and being away from their parents on their first day of school. This situation can also be demanding for many parents leading to severe anxiety.

Whether your child is in kindergarten or high school, worrying about their well-being and academic progress is common. Parents must be careful not to transmit their worries to their children while they struggle with their issues.

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