07 Aug

UASA Media Release: 07 August 2023

Statement by Abigail Moyo, spokesperson of the trade union UASA:

On Women’s Day, UASA commemorates and honours all women and men advocating for women’s rights and equality in our country and across the world.

Observing Women’s Day under the theme: “Women’s Socio-Economic Rights and Empowerment: Building Back Better for Women’s Improved Resilience”, UASA supports the global gender equality campaign which aims to achieve worldwide gender equality by 2030.

After celebrating Women’s Day for 67 years, women across the world still have to stand up against and fight inequality, discrimination, gender-based violence and harassment at home and at work. This is why the call for upholding women’s socio-economic rights and empowerment is a fair and necessary action. Women who are still powerless and enduring social injustice must be liberated.

South Africa is one of the few countries that ratified the International Labour Organization’s Convention no. 190 (C190) to protect women against harm in the workplace and at home. Utilising the international reach of artificial intelligence and technology, we tirelessly advocate for other countries to follow suit and adopt the convention to curb the acts of gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) against women. The C190 is the Violence and Harassment Convention which advocates for the right of everyone to work in an environment free from violence and harassment, including GBVH.

We stand with the ILO on the call encouraging unions to:

  • Raise awareness and provide education to union members and society at large.
  • Actively campaign for the ratification of C190 in their countries.
  • Mobilize around the issue of violence and harassment in the world of work.
  • Build alliances with other trade unions, national centers, NGOs and especially women’s rights groups to help eliminate workplace violence and harassment.
  • Develop structures for advocating the ratification.

Supporting women and eradicating all forms of violence against women at work and at home will help them to prevail and stand their ground against societal stereotypes. It is almost unthinkable that after all these years there are still equally qualified women struggling to break through male dominated industries and be treated as equals.

UASA calls on government, stakeholders, policy makers and trade unions to ensure public and corporate policies that lead to an equal share of opportunities for women.

We encourage women to uplift one another and work together as an undefeatable, resistance-building force.

We wish our female members and all women in South Africa a happy Women’s Day. Be an agent of change and let no one be left behind.

For further enquiries or to set up a personal interview, contact Abigail Moyo at 065 170 0162.

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