08 Jun

As coronavirus lockdowns are eased and people return to work worldwide, fuel prices are slowly creeping up to before-lockdown levels as oil prices return to normal. South Africa is no exception with demand for fuel rising due to the advent of level-3 regulations which allows for more economic activities to take place.

The price of all grades of petrol increases with R1.18 per litre, diesel with 22 cents per litre and illuminating paraffin with 41 cents per litre on Wednesday.

These increases will weigh heavily on workers who have lost part of their income or who were without income during the lockdown and now need fuel to get to work. With the cold winter months upon us, those most vulnerable in our society who use paraffin for cooking and heating purposes will also be affected negatively. 

UASA calls on food retailers and manufacturers of basic goods to keep their prices the same and not raise them as a result of the fuel increase. South Africans are going through a difficult time with lockdown restrictions and loss of incomes that they simply cannot tighten their belts anymore.

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