09 Jun

Stats SA’s announcement today that the official unemployment rate remained unchanged (29,1%) in Q4 of 2019 compared to the Q3 of 2019 is good news,

but although the numbers did not change the situation on the ground is not encouraging and is getting worse.

An unchanged employment rate is of no use to the currently unemployed, many of whom have been without jobs or income for years.

Various big companies have sent out Section 189 notices, and are, in some instances, looking to cut more than 2 000 jobs.

UASA has been and will continue to push for continuous and heightened collaboration between organised labour, business and government to improve the situation.

Millions of South Africans are suffering because of various factors contributing to a weak underperforming economy that the government is struggling to contain and improve. The mismanagement of state-owned enterprises such as Eskom and SAA has business rescuers scurrying to save what can be saved with more job losses highly likely.

We expect pres. Cyril Ramaphosa to cut out the sunshine SONA’s of the previous years and come up with substantial solutions to remedy the dire situation we find ourselves in.

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