09 Jun

UASA today held its first National Executive Committee Meeting for the year 2020 at our Head Offices in Florida.

In this photo: UASA NEC members gave a standing ovation to Mr. Izak Oosthuizen

The National Executive Committee (NEC) is UASA’s highest ranking decision making body that comprises of elected officials (members) from various sectors. As a member driven organization that takes its mandate from its members, it is engraved in our constitution that the NEC must convene and discuss matters relating to the direction of the organization.

We are saddened to say goodbye to two of our NEC members, Mr. Ronnie Ndimeni and Mr. Andy van der Cloff. Andy has taken early retirement while Ronnie has moved to a new position at work that makes him unavailable to serve as a NEC member. UASA president Mr. Chris de Beer handed them certificates on behalf of our members, to thank them for the meritorious services rendered to UASA as part of the NEC.


Left: Mr. Ronnie Ndimeni & Mr. Chris de Beer. Right: Mr. Andy van der Cloff & Mr. Chris de Deer

The President also handed over a gift to Mr. Izak Oosthuizen, former UASA President and former Captain of the Mines Rescue Services (MRS) Proto Team. UASA is fortunate to be entrusted with priceless memorabilia from Mr. Oosthuizen that cannot be easily attained anywhere. Members of the NEC gave a standing ovation upon his entrance as a sign of respect to a man who has given most of his days to the service of UASA and its members.

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In this photo: UASA President Mr. Chris de Beer, UASA former President Mr. Izak Oosthuizen.

NEC members also received a small token of appreciation this Valentine’s Day, to show our gratitude for the service they are giving our members in ensuring that their organization is run and managed accordingly.

valentine nec

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