08 Jun

UASA successfully defended a Labour Court application by the Mondi Group after the company wanted to change certain conditions of employment.

Mondi instituted an urgent Labour Court application to force UASA members into a 12-hour shift system for the lockdown period without complying with the collective agreements of paying the agreed to remuneration rates.

UASA argued in court that its members were willing to change from the 8-hours shift to  a 12-hours system for the lockdown with the proviso that Mondi adheres to the collective agreements on how the payments should be done. UASA was not prepared to succumb to Mondi‚Äôs demand to amend our collective agreement and to agree that our members forfeit their rights to be compensated in terms of the existing agreements.

Mondi also referred an incident to the Provisional Inspector of Employment and Labour in terms of section 24 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). In court UASA pointed out that the demand to amend the agreements does not constitute an incident as referred to in the Act.

Companies cannot simply change the rules of employment without consulting unions.

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