27 May

UASA is bitterly disappointed by state-owned weapon manufacturer Denel’s policy change proposals concerning the benefits paid out to employees under certain circumstances.

While we understand that Denel desperately needs to be normalised in order to build towards economic viability and to stem the outflow of skills required for the SOEs survival, this should not happen to the detriment of our members and other workers employed at the company.

Denel has set up a meeting with organised labour on Monday, 19 April 2021, to discuss the proposed policy changes. It is hoped that the proposed changes will see reduced retrenchments in future, but UASA will fight tooth and nail any attempt by Denel to reduce benefits for workers to be retrenched.

UASA is committed to continued discussions with government to assist with the turnaround of Denel. The union is also poised to help with finally getting the SOEs employees and creditors paid.

Unbelievable as it is, workers in certain Denel divisions are still waiting to receive their full salaries of which they have received nothing or only a percentage since July last year. This is an issue of serious concern as people are entitled to full remuneration in terms of their employment contracts and are now forced to put up a fight to survive.

UASA will continue to work relentlessly for workers’ rights by pushing toward continued communications and engagements that will serve the best interest of our members who must remain protected under any outcome. Our members and South Africans in general need employment and to stay employed. More retrenchments are not the answer to our country’s woes. We need to keep workers working and economic sectors in business to overcome our unemployment and Covid-19 crises.

Denel’s plans to reduce the benefits due to retrenched workers does not take us in that direction.

 For further enquiries or to set up a personal interview, contact Abigail Moyo at 065 170 0162.

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