04 Nov

UASA Media Release: 04 November 2021

Statement by Abigail Moyo, spokesperson of the trade union UASA:

With the build-up and emotions towards the local elections behind us, UASA takes note of all the citizens who exercised their democratic right by heading to the polls.

Municipal elections play an important role in terms of community leadership, service delivery and city development.

UASA now encourages all compatriots to come together in their various municipalities and work hard towards better wards, communities, suburbs and cities for all who live there.

Irrespective of your leaders, you can still play a part towards developing your community for your own benefit and that of your fellow residents.

While excluding no-one, UASA specially calls on the youth to step up and protect their communities and cities by developing and taking care of provided centres such as:

• skills centres
• local stadiums
• community halls
• recreational parks
• schools

By throwing our skills and knowledge together we will build better and safer environments. Making a difference together is the right call for the future.

For further enquiries or to set up a personal interview, contact Abigail Moyo at 065 170 0162 .

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