26 May

The Airports Company of South Africa’s (ACSA) temporary banning of low-cost airline Mango from using the airports under its management yesterday, is reason for concern.

We are relieved that Mango was able to pay enough of its outstanding fees to ACSA to resume its operations.

Mango, a subsidiary of South African Airways, managed to pull through previous crises, but this week’s dilemma seemed serious enough to do considerable damage to the company.

UASA has a large number of union members employed in other SOEs, including Denel where workers have had to survive without full salaries since July last year, the SABC where more than 600 workers were retrenched recently as well as Eskom which has received several cash injections.

This does not paint a good picture in terms of South Africa’s employment status and business survival. Too many businesses are struggling to keep their doors open and unemployment is skyrocketing.

Another failing SOE, or even the subsidiary of an SOE, is something our economy can ill afford.

UASA urges Mango management to come up with strategic solutions that will keep its aeroplanes in the air and its workers at work. Our economy can’t afford more business failures and job losses.

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