08 Jun

The Department of Employment and Labour’s revelation that the Commission for Conciliation,

Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) has received 190 large-scale retrenchment referrals and 1 307 small-scale retrenchment referrals since last month is proof that the Covid-19 nationwide lockdown is possibly doing irreparable damage to the economy and employment.

UASA urges the government to move the country to lockdown level 2 with no delay, loosen some of the lockdown restrictions and allow more economic sectors to operate so we prevent the CCMA receiving more Section 189 applications.

The longer the lockdown restrictions to trade remain in place, the more jobs will be lost by the day. With an unemployment rate of 30.1%, our economy simply cannot afford anymore job losses.

Despite the low compliance rate of around 57% in the general industry sector and an even lower 47% in the government sector since the lockdown started in March this year, UASA believes that workers are well aware of the safety measures they need to adhere to in order to protect themselves and prevent further spread of the virus.

It should be each individuals’ responsibility to keep themselves and others safe from the virus.

Government has done its part to make sure people are well-informed and have the means to adhere to safety measures at work and in public places. 

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