27 May

UASA is in full support of the Minerals Council South Africa’s call to support the government on the national COVID-19 vaccine roll-out plan.

UASA is deeply concerned about the lives of our members and South African citizens as we have seen COVID-19 immensely affecting people’s lives as well as the economy and there is no doubt that the vaccine roll-out plan is the only way to get our people’s lives back on track. We therefore, support the call by the Minerals Council and its members to urge the government to accelerate negotiations with manufacturers to urgently secure adequate vaccine supply and for all social partners to play a constructive role in rolling out the vaccination campaign.

South Africa has now progressed over the 1 million mark of COVID-19 cases with more than 35 000 deaths recorded. This certainly calls for immediate intervention and we urge the government to make plans to have the vaccine available to our people as soon as possible. We need to re-open the economy and save lives from both the pandemic and hunger.

UASA is content with the Minerals Council and its members’ decision to play an active role in partnership with their social partners to help the vaccine roll-out, “while, the industry can play a material role in accelerating the vaccination programme on mines and in mining communities.”

The full Minerals Council media release can be found at: https://www.mineralscouncil.org.za/industry-news/media-releases/2021

For further enquiries or to set up a personal interview, contact Stan Mazhindu at 065 1700 162.

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