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Uasa Study Grant Scheme

Uasa introduced a Study Grant Scheme through which awards a total of twenty study grants annually. The purpose of the once off grant is to enable members or their children to further their studies.

Preference is given to those who study B Com, B sc and Medical disciplines or those studying at a technical college in the field of e.g. engineering, manufacturing and mining.

Grants are awarded to successful applicants who have completed at least their first years’ study at an accredited learning institution and who can provide satisfactory proof of enrolment after the first semester of the following year.

Subject to the availability of funds, a total of twenty (20) grants are awarded per annum and the values thereof are reviewed by the UASA NEC from time to time. Currently, ten  grants each worth R5000, 00 are awarded to graduate students and ten grants worth R2500, 00 each (a total of R75 000.00) are awarded to qualifying students at a technical college.

Applications are invited between January and March of each year. The closing date is 1 April and successful applicants ar announced on 1 May of each year.

The Main Office Bearers decide who the successful applicants are by applying a set criteria.