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Uasa Study Grant Scheme

In view of prevailing economic difficulties and the skills shortage in our country, UASA took decisive action by introduc- ing the UASA Study Grant Scheme, with effect from 2009, through which it awards study grants to successful member applicants annually. The intention of the once-off grants is to enable them, or their dependents, to further their studies. In view of the focus on the skills shortage and economic growth, preference is given to those who are already studying for degrees in B.Com. B.Sc. and medical disciplines, or those studying at technical colleges in the field of e.g. engineering, manufacturing and mining.

A.  Grants are awarded where students have successfully completed at least their first year's studies at an accredited learning institution and can provide satisfactory proof of enrolment after the first semester of the ensuing year.

B.  Subject to the availability of funds, a total of twenty (20) grants are paid out per annum to the value  of R75 000.00. Ten grants of R5, 000, 00 each are awarded to graduate students and ten grants of R2, 500, 00 each are awarded to qualifying students at a technical college. The National Executive Committee of UASA retains the right to amend the scheme in part or total, including the assessment and qualifying criteria, and to award additional grants at its sole discretion or reduce the number of grants per annum, without prior or any notification. No further correspondence will be entered into in this regard.

C.  Points are awarded in accordance with the following criteria to determine successful   applicants:

Number of years' uninterrupted membership of  UASA
Number of previous unsuccessful  applications
Number of dependents
Previously Disadvantaged Groups
Number of enrolled children
Member's annual income
Spouse's income
Field of study
D.  Applications:

Completed application forms must be faxed to 086 504 1151 or e-mailed to

 The closing date for applications is 1 April of each year and the successful applicants are announced on 1 May of each year.

The adjudication of applications is done by the Main Office Bearers of UASA and they have the right to co-opt external experts. The decision of the adjudicating panel is final and no correspondence shall be entered into regarding the merits of an application and the outcome thereof.