08 Jun

UASA staff members and shop stewards were privileged to take part in an online Covid-19 training course through our federation FEDUSA.

The Coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus have caused a lot of panic in the world. UASA believes that with adequate knowledge about the virus and how its spread, we can get reduce the panic and instead focus our attention on the Health and Safety of our colleagues and those around us.

The course, named FEDUSA COVID-19 Occupational Health and Safety, was developed with the assistance of the World Health Organisation (WHO). It covers important topics such as; the nature of emerging respiratory viruses, how to detect and assess an outbreak, strategies for preventing and controlling outbreaks due to novel respiratory viruses.

It also focuses on how we can communicate and engage with our communities, to share knowledge about the coronavirus so we can fight the stigma while adhering to measures to prevent it from spreading.

This training was made possible through a discretionary grant from the Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA).

UASA congratulates those who have taken part and completed the course successfully, we are proud to have staff members and shop stewards equipped with this very important information amongst us.

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