08 Jun

UASA notes with concern the application for business rescue by Comair, the British Airways franchise operating in South Africa. 

UASA is ready to serve court papers to block Comair’s business rescue application as there was no proper consultation with us or other unions or the employees themselves. Comair is therefore in breach of the Labour Relations Act. Comair also did not cancel its section 189 application at the CCMA as it seemingly wants to run section 189 notices and its business recue plans at the same time.

Prior to its application for business rescue, Comair had already announced plans to retrench staff and the company was in the process of applying for section 189 notices at the CCMA. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CCMA offices are closed, and it now seems as if Comair is trying to get its business rescue application approved by using a coronavirus ticket.

To date, UASA members employed at the company have not been informed of the business rescue plans and how they will be affected.

UASA is of the opinion that Comair is disregarding employees’ rights.

Unfortunately, some companies seem to take advantage of the coronavirus lockdown to justify employee retrenchments.

UASA is prepared to take Comair and other companies to court if this is indeed the case. Employees deserve to be treated fairly in these challenging times.

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