06 Oct

UASA Media Release: 06 October 2021

Statement by Abigail Moyo, spokesperson of the trade union UASA:

UASA has obtained a strike certificate to proceed with a national strike in the engineering sector after the union declared a dispute with employer organisations within the metal and engineering industry, excluding the Hulamin and Plastics sectors, in accordance with Annexure E of the Constitution of the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council (MEIBC).

UASA, as per its constitution, is now running a three-day secret ballot among its members to establish if they choose to go on strike or not. UASA will only know the outcome of the secret ballot on Friday after which it will announce the way forward. If a strike mandated by members, it will be legally protected which means that all members are allowed to participate.

The metal and engineering industry is offering a wage increase of 4.4% in year 1 and Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus slight improvement factors (0.5% and 1%) for the following years. Unions are demanding an 8% wage increase across the board for the first year and CPI + 2% improvement factor for the consecutive years. If CPI + 2% falls below 6%, employers must offer 6% or re-open negotiations.

However, it is concerning to learn that most employers in the sector have notified the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) about a Lock-Out. This means that NUMSA members who decide to go on strike will not be allowed back at work unless if they accept the offer with terms and conditions of the new main agreement.

The metal and engineering sector employs about 430 000 workers and is one of the leading contributors to economic growth. UASA remains committed to fight for our members and succeed in agreements that serve their best interest.

For further enquiries or to set up a personal interview, contact Abigail Moyo at 065 170 0162 .

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