11 Jun

UASA would like to thank its members at KEM-JV who braved the cold weather to attend the meeting in Kimberley.

The meeting was well attended with both UASA members and UASA management present.

Various issues were discussed and the election of UASA reps at Wesselton, CTP and Superstone also took place.

Carike v A Pienaar – Branch Chairperson

Colette Fleischck – Admin Secretary

Alex Flamming – Rep

Nico Bresler – Rep

Pieter Steyn – Wesselton Rep

Donathan Jennings – Wesselton Rep

Johannes Pienaar – Surface Mining Rep

Petrus Lephoi – Surface mining rep

Fredrick Voster – UASA Rep CPT

Paul Africa – UASA rep at Superstone

Our branch is now serving on all forums at the mine and in places were previously UASA’s voice was not heard before.

UASA was represented at the meeting by the CEO Mr Jacques Hugo, COO Mr Shadrack Motloung, Mr Franz Stehring Divisional Manager Minerals, Nico van Rooyen Sector Manager and Mr Johnny White Operational Manager

For further enquiries or to set up a personal interview, contact Johnny White on 082 886 2827

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