26 May

Policy changes regarding workers’ rights should not happen to the detriment of our members and other workers employed at state-owned weapon manufacturer Denel and UASA demanded that the company first reconsider the proposed changes to its retrenchment policy.

UASA remains available and willing to participate in consultations with Denel, but such consultations should not result in unfair and exploitive actions.

At a Denel meeting with organised labour this week, intended to discuss the proposed policy changes regarding benefits paid out to employees on termination of service as well as the company policy on annual leave, UASA and other labour representatives agreed unanimously that discussion should take place at a later stage after the SOE reconsidered its proposals.

Denel’s retrenchment policy has not been reviewed since 2007 and pushing for change while discussing retrenchment will be met with resistance by workers.

Denel stated that the policies should be reviewed within the next two weeks.

While we hope that the proposed changes will see reduced retrenchments in future, UASA will fight tooth and nail any attempt by Denel to reduce benefits for workers to be retrenched. UASA is committed to continued discussions with government to assist with the turnaround of Denel.

UASA will continue to work relentlessly for workers’ rights by pushing toward continued communications and engagements that will serve the best interest of our members who must remain protected under any outcome. Our members and South Africans in general need employment and to stay employed. More retrenchments are not the answer to our country’s woes. We need to keep workers working and economic sectors in business to overcome our unemployment and Covid-19 crises.

Denel’s plan to reduce the benefits due to retrenched workers does not take us in that direction.

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