07 Jun

UASA would like to congratulate our newly elected branch committee at Cullinan Diamond Mine for successfully taking part in wage negotiations for C-Upper employees. 

The committee was able to negotiate a 4.25% annual increase for C-Upper employees with a further once-off ex gratia payment equal to 25% of basic salary, up to a maximum of R15 000.

Since there is no majority union at the mine, the branch committee took it upon themselves with assistance from Nico van Rooyen, UASA Sector Manager, to approach management and engage them in wage negotiations on behalf of all the other UASA members at the mine in the same job category.

On behalf of all UASA members at the mine, we would like to congratulate them for taking action and being successful in doing so for the benefit of all our other members.

 UASA Branch Committee Members:

  • · Freddy Marlowe – Chairperson
  • · Werner Fouche – 1st Chair Underground structure
  • · Andre Ferreira –  2nd Chair Underground structure
  • · Jannie Smit – Secretary
  • · Theo Schulz – Vice Secretary
  • · Willy Wheeler – Assisting with serious disciplinary hearings
  • · Douw van Staden – Assisting with serious disciplinary hearings
  • · Penny Chivers – Woman in Mining

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