07 Jun

While UASA cautions all South Africans to accept and adhere to the extended level 3 Covid-19 regulations, we are at the same time deeply concerned about the further poverty and hardship it will bring to desperate unemployed and poor workers.

The resulting job losses and economic consequences may be dire with the peak of the second wave still ahead.

The strained fiscus and government’s inability to provide economic relief or sufficient stimulus for economic growth will have a further negative effect on the liquor, hospitality, entertainment and tourism sectors that are still battling to recover from the effects of hard lockdown and are now faced with an extended alcohol ban and closure of beaches.

UASA again urges government to make relief available to assist the affected businesses to keep their doors open and the workers in jobs as well as further innovative, proactive ways to boost the economy and support growth in these uncertain times.

We appeal to our members and workers in general to remember that the rising number of infected South Africans necessitates the extra caution, including the prolonged stricter conditions and closure of ports, to curb the alarming spread of the virus and rising death toll.

Please wear your masks, keep social distance, wash your hands and sanitise to protect yourself and others from infection and to protect our frail healthcare system from collapse.

To overcome the pandemic we must fight and stand united.  

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