26 May

UASA is pleased that victory was obtained in a compliant laid by our member against employer, Reshebile Aviation and Protection Services at the office of the Pension Funds Adjudicator in November 2020.

The adjudicator ruled in favour of our member who won the case and the employer was ordered to submit all outstanding pension fund contributions of the employee for the period of July 2020 to date.

All contributions will be submitted to the Security Employees National Provident Fund on behalf of the employee.

UASA successfully assisted, our member to file his case to the Pension Funds Adjudicator where he laid a complaint against his employer who had failed to pay his pension fund contributions to the Security Employees National Provident Fund.

Further instructions in the case is that the Security Employees National Provident Fund is allowed to follow up with Reshebile Aviation and Protection Services provided that the company fails to submit the employee’s pension fund contributions within the ruled timeframe.

UASA is pleased with the Adjudicator judgment.

This case serves as an eye-opener to employers in the Security sector. UASA urges employers to be transparent with their employees, observe workplace rules and practice fair Labour rights for their employees.

This victory allows UASA to fight for more of our members who may have similar grievances in the future. UASA is proud to have been part of this process and the effort put in making this win possible.

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