08 Jun

Covid-19: The future of the economy and jobs 

Covid-19 and the months of lockdown has had an immense negative impact on economies worldwide with entire industries forced to close their doors, which affected millions of  workers who either lost their income for weeks on end or lost their jobs altogether.

Tomorrow, Friday 28 August 2020, Mike Schussler, well-known economist and founder of private economic research house Economists.co.za, will present the 19th UASA South African Employment Report (SAER) in an online webinar from 11h00 – 13h00.

He will take a closer look at the massive upheaval caused by the pandemic, including which industries were spared the least, the increase in unemployment around the world and in South Africa, how South Africans became poorer, the role of the South African government looking forward, and how Covid-19 changed the world of work.

Please look out for the video of the Webinar on our social media. 

 For further enquiries or to set up a personal interview, contact Stanford Mazhindu at 074 978 3415.

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