26 May

Have you been investing in email marketing sequence without getting a good return on your investment? Email marketing is an effective way for advertising and it can help you to get more clients or customers but are you doing it right?

The most effective email marketing campaigns put customers’ needs first, but designing a customer-focused email marketing campaign can be tricky. This is why you need to n=know what your customers want from you and give them exactly that. In this blog, UASA IP shares a few tips on what you need to do on your customer-first email marketing and how to improve your email marketing campaigns.

Narrow your content to your consumers’ needs

Narrowing down content in your email marketing is like using SEO to reach your target audience. The average office worker receives more than 30 emails each day, which is why it’s essential to use dynamic content in your email marketing.

By narrowing your content, you able to provide your consumer with content that adapts to their preference. This includes personalized product recommendations that are predicted using data from the customer’s purchase history.

Creating dynamic content might sound time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Most email automation software options will allow you to send out dynamic email blasts. This allows you to send everyone on your mailing list an email with the same headings, subject line, and text, but different product recommendations.

Create an eye-catching subject line

Your subject line and preview text determine whether someone will open your email or not. Make your subject line perfect and eye-catching. Pay attention to detail and make this your selling point. As a general rule, the shorter your subject line, the more effective it will be. The best email subject lines are between 40 and 60 characters in length.

Great subject lines also keep your email out of the spam folder which is essential if you want to make sales. According to experts, spam filters flag emails that use trigger words in their subject line. Keep in mind that spam filters also look for email subject lines that are written in ALL CAPS or are formatted in a way to avoid spam filter detection by including dodgy characters.

Use a mobile-friendly template

Keep in mind that as much as you have consumers who open their emails on laptops or tablets, there are also those who use their mobile, phones to open their emails and you must also accommodate them. Therefore make it essential that you use templates that are also mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly email generally:

  • Uses short subject lines and is less than 600 pixels wide.
  • Uses small images and large font as well as a single-column template.
  • Avoids inflexible features like menu bars and putting links too close together.

 Create a clear Call to Action (CTA)

While it’s easy to get excited and add multiple calls to action (CTAs) into each marketing email, keep in mind that the law of diminishing returns applies here. In essence, this means that the more CTAs you include, the less effective each CTA will be. Your reader’s attention will be divided between each CTA, meaning they become desensitized and unengaged. Therefore, focus on one or two CTAs that you think will be most effective.

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