26 May

Over the past few years, we have seen freelancing taking over most industries creating equal work opportunities for everyone. As much as most industries are open for freelancers, not all jobs are sustainable enough for freelancers, and this is when you need to evaluate your skills and align them with the most in-demand jobs to survive.

Since the Covid-19 has pandemic pushed most location-based businesses to work virtually there is no sign that the digital trend will slow down anytime soon. As a result, most businesses need freelancers working in specific roles to keep them going, creating a demand for more freelancers.

While consumers have also increased their reliance on digital channels, meaning that businesses have to adapt their marketing strategies to survive. This is why you should consider aligning your skills with a freelancing job that is digital.

Below we have outlined a few most in-demand freelancing jobs that you might want to look at and grow your freelancing career.

Web Designers

At most, consumers want visually appealing content on products before they purchase anything from a website. This is where you come in as a web designer because about 50% of mobile users prefer visiting a website to do a purchase instead of downloading apps that are provided by the business.

Because online shopping has taken over, many businesses are always looking to refresh their website and work on making the website better which means more work for freelancers in the designing industry. If you are a designer who specializes in website designing then you are in for luck and there is no time to slack off. You must start to pursue your career and approach possible clients who need your expertise.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialists

Getting organic traffic on a website is the ultimate goal for any business, but organic content does not only rely on great content alone. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists are always in need of their expertise when it comes to creating link building and generate keywords that will generate traffic to the website or social media pages.

While content creators on average spend close to 6 hours on a blog post if they need to come up with good keywords for the articles, SEO specialists are quite in demand to make sure that the correct keywords and links are built and save time. This is why most SEO jobs require you to have content skills to make sure you build the links a piece of content requires to rank, making it easier for consumers to find it on search engines.

Graphic designers

In addition to making content more appealing, images make it easier for blog and website visitors to understand the message behind the content better, which determines sales rates on products that a business is selling. This is why image illustrators, motion graphic designers, and animators are always in demand.

Because graphic designers work hand in hand with web designers, these two professionals combined can make a business grow and generate a profitable income. Graphic design is always evolving, and as a graphic designer, you need to learn about what works best to help you to create better visual content and get more clients.

Content creators and writers

With social media and the internet evolving daily, consumers nowadays prefer watching content over written text. But most of the time a video that is accompanied by text gives more illustration than the one without text and that is where content creators and writers come in.

Research shows that by 2023, almost 82% of the content found online will be made up of videos. This opens a market for content creators who are involved in video creation as more businesses require content creators to create video content for their businesses.

Knowing about in-demand jobs is important, but that’s not all. Freelance work has evolved. Some businesses have discovered the potential of working with a virtual team, while others have learned how to get things done with freelancers.

Either way, for freelancers, that’s great news because more opportunities are coming up for freelancers, and the skills we covered above are what businesses are looking for to thrive in the coming year. To set up yourself for success, select an in-demand skill, identify what sets you apart, and start reaching out to businesses on LinkedIn.

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