08 Jun

Striking taxi associations are holding the country to ransom in a time where we should all be working towards economic recovery.  

Voicing their dissatisfaction with what they believe to be inadequate support to the industry from government to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, they are conveniently forgetting that we are all facing tough times as a nation and this is not only specific to them. Providing R1.1 billion to prop up the taxi industry, government has done more to alleviate the sector’s loss of income than most other industries.

The taxi industry’s’ conduct is shameful, unfair and unjustifiable under the circumstances.

They are taking advantage of vulnerable workers who have no other means of getting to work and earn money to look after their families, many of whom lost incomes during level 4 and 5 lockdowns and are trying to find their feet again.  

All South Africans have been asked for more than we should due to the coronavirus and the resulting lockdowns. It is now more than ever important for us to come together and walk the road to economic recovery.

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