09 Jun

Amidst the many relief programs and initiatives launched by Government in an attempt to soften the financial blow, we head towards the end of the first week of the lockdown with scant cause for comfort.

The informal sector and independent professionals who are self-employed still face immense uncertainty on where to turn for immediate financial relief, given that many make a living by earning their income daily and weekly and often from a variety of sources.One such grouping constitutes Freelance Actors associated under the banner of the South African Guild of Actors (SAGA) who are members of UASA. Many are without an income for this period and face uncertainty going forward, given the specific nature of their work. SAGA has run an independent survey to gather reliable data to quantify the average earnings of these Freelance Actors. With this research they intend to approach Government to provide immediate and urgent assistance and financial relief to their members and affected individuals in the entertainment industry.UASA has also, through its federation FEDUSA, tabled the plight of these workers at NEDLAC.

In these unprecedented times, UASA again calls upon government to continue to engage all credible institutions in jointly seeking solutions in providing relief to all sectors. In this regard, the informal sector, including Independent Professionals and Freelance Actors are in dire need of more support and direction.

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