27 May

Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa’s four-pillar plan for the year ahead is welcomed.

To defeat the Covid-19 virus, accelerate economic development, to ensure job creation and inclusive growth, and strengthen the fight against corruption are noble initiatives.

While UASA welcomes Ramaphosa’s plan to implement the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, laying the basis for a comprehensive and integrated society-wise response to corruption, we are left wondering whether anything will actually come of it.

Of course, we hope for a positive beginning to a corruption-free South Africa. We think it is safe to say that most South Africans by far want to see an end to a state weakened by corruption. In fact, we have waited for years for this to become a reality as new promises were made by those in power. Still, brazen corruption is everywhere, and no arrests are made. We simply don’t need another plan without action and accountability for the corrupt.

State officials have left state-owned companies crumbling to the point of no return. More empty promises and a rephrasing of tired ideas will not cut it.

Since Ramaphosa became president in 2018 and promised hopeful South Africans a “new dawn” more workers than ever are without employment.  We want to see real progress in job creation and economic development. We need to see proof of real concern for normal South Africans. We need a government and state machinery that serve South Africans unselfishly, as they should.

We welcome the 9 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine that was secured and of which the first 80 000 doses arrive in the country next week. Our essential workers need protection so that they can help save lives unhindered.

UASA also applauds Pres. Ramaphosa for the extension of the R350 Covid-19 relief grant and the TERS relief fund for affected businesses as this will benefit South Africans who have lost their source of income since the beginning of lock down. Even though the extension is for a short period of time, it will surely assist those who are direly affected by unemployment. While we hope that this economic restructuring plan will assist our people and businesses back on their feet and not have our people depending on the government for financial support.

We are pleased with Ramaphosa’s call for stronger legislation against gender-based violence and the R128 million pledged by the private sector’s GBVF Response Fund. We look forward to real results to keep vulnerable women and children safe.

In a nutshell, we urge Ramaphosa to revisit all the promises he made to South Africans since 2018 and as part of an increasingly despondent nation we look forward to the fulfilment of these promises:

  • · Economic transformation and job creation
  • · Better education, skills and health
  • · A decrease in violent crime and gender-based violence
  • · Two million jobs for the youth
  • · Having all South Africans fed 

It is time government steps up to the plate and delivers a free and safe South Africa to all.

For further enquiries or to set up a personal interview, contact Stan Mazhindu at 065 1700 162.

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