11 Jun

Four classes of claimants were declared: 

  1. People who contracted silicosis or were exposed to silica dust,
  2. The dependents of deceased miners who fell ill with silicosis,
  3. People suffering from tuberculosis,
  4. The dependents of deceased miners who contracted tuberculosis.

Payment will not automatically follow claims. Claimants need to prove that they are ex-miners who worked at one of the listed mines and who contracted the pulmonary tuberculosis or silicosis while in the mines.

Current and ex-miners need to have a Benefit Medical Examination (BME) done. This can be done for free at a hospital or clinic at the mine were they work or worked in the past, at one-stop service centres in Mthatha, Carletonville and Kuruman, or at contracted public hospitals and doctors.

When going for a BME, workers have to take along their ID and documents that show evidence of their employment in the mines (labour history). Once the BME is done, the results will be sent to the certification committee who will determine if the claimant qualifies for compensation.

If the claimant is deceased an autopsy needs to be done. The lungs of the deceased must be sent for examination accompanied by the following documents:

  • · Deceased’s ID document
  • · Consent form to allow the lungs to be removed and examined
  • · Deceased’s record of service in the mines
  • · Any medical records that can confirm the worker was ill.

All forms and assistance during this process are FREE and no one should pay for anything.

For more information on the claim process or the required documentation, please click on the following links: https://www.oldcollab.co.za/how-to-claimhttps://www.silicosissettlement.co.za/

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