08 Jun

Fuel prices are expected to rise to almost pre-lockdown levels tomorrow, with the petrol price forecasted to increase with R1.73 per litre, diesel with 1.74 cents per litre and paraffin with R2.14 per litre.

The gradually opening of global economies as countries ease out of lockdowns has increased demand resulting in a surge in the international prices of oil.

UASA is concerned with how the increases will hit workers most of whom are still struggling to find their feet financially after losing incomes during lockdown levels 4 and 5. With the cold winter months upon us, those most vulnerable in our society who use paraffin for cooking and heating purposes will now have to dig even deeper into their pockets to stay warm.

We call on all workers to tighten their spending belts even tighter and encourage wise financial decisions to make salaries last longer.

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