08 Jun

Before schools are opened and our children are sent back into the world, all possible health and safety measures to protect them and their teachers to prevent the spread of the coronavirus should be in place.

UASA is in support of the call by teachers’ union SAOU, a fellow FEDUSA affiliate, that schools should not be opened in haste. The SAOU demands that no school may reopen if the following is not complied with:

  • The pre-sanitisation of schools;
  • The delivery of adequate sanitation packages and equipment for the daily sanitisation of schools;
  • The provision of cloth masks and hand sanitisers to staff and learners;
  • The provision of thermal scanners to schools;
  • The provision of prescriptions for compliance with social distancing on and off the school premises;
  • Isolation areas for persons who are identified at the school as infected;
  • Satisfactory safety protocols;

Schools, if not carefully managed, can quickly become virus hot spots with potentially deadly consequences with children confined to classrooms, breathing the same circulated air that may contain the corona virus.

The same is true for companies that will be allowed to resume economic activity under level 4 of the lockdown as from the end of the week.

While it is important to restart the economy, preventing the spread of the virus is of equal importance. UASA urges workers to adhere to health and safety measures at all times to protect themselves and those they come in contact with.

For further enquiries or to set up a personal interview, contact Stanford Mazhindu at 074 978 3415.

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