07 Jun

Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa and the National Coronavirus Command Council were wise to embark on a stricter enforcement of alert level 1 lockdown measures, and to close beaches in high risk areas.

The restriction of alcohol sales from retail outlets from Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm, also makes sense against the background of the increased rate of infections, as does the extended curfew.

The second wave of the Coronavirus infection is with us in full force and although it may be disappointing to those hoping to go on holiday or visit family after a long and difficult year, we must keep in mind our responsibility to curb the spread of the virus.

This should be our motto over the Festive Season – a time of selflessness and care for our fellow humans – to show our commitment to the health and wellness of others.

We hope that the locally manufactured Covid-19 vaccine will soon be available for all so that we can resume our daily lives as we did before.

UASA encourages all South Africans to adhere to the Covid-19 health and safety measures. The current resurgence may lead to stricter lockdown regulations to slow the spread of the virus if we do not protect ourselves and those around us.

Our economy cannot afford another hard lockdown with more jobs and livelihoods lost to the pandemic.

If everyone wears a facemask in public, sanitises, and practices social distancing, we can hopefully maintain alert level 1, which benefits the country and all its citizens. 

We would like to thank our members for adhering to these safety measures and implore the whole country to follow suit.

Let’s keep each other safe.

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