04 Jan

                                                                                    4 January 2022

As usual, personal New Year’s resolutions are a great way to start the year but have you thought of your professional resolutions for work? Most of us spend about a third of our lives at work, so positive changes made in the workplace are bound to affect other aspects of our lives.


As we are all geared up for the new year with some positive goals, this is the perfect time to focus on what improvements can be made going forward whether you are in the office, working from home, or doing a hybrid of both. To work productivity and efficiently there must be a healthy balance between your work-life and personal life. In today’s blog, UASA looks at a few New Year’s Resolution positive ideas that employees can look at to fuel up some confidence for work:


Tidy up

Whether you work from an office desk or a work from home office space, it is important to start 2022 by tidying up. Put away or dispose of last year’s notes, documents, and paperwork. Anything you think you might need, you can save a digital copy of it on your drive or server. You will be surprised at how good you feel afterward. Getting rid of office clutter is a rewarding, fresh start to the New Year.


Go above and beyond

The position you hold could potentially grow into something bigger and better. This New Year, push yourself at work. Do the extra projects that you would not normally do or have keen interest in. Small tasks will add up fast and make you look like a new and improved employee and possible promotions could be on the horizon. As a leader, you can go above and beyond for your team as well. Remember to set goals and hold yourself to the same standards as your employees.


Plan employee activities for your team

Something you cannot afford to forget on your goal sheet, are your ideas for team activities for the year. List out some ideas that you and your team can do together. Whether it be a simple lunch, holiday parties, giving back to the community, an office game, or a corporate getaway, the options are endless. Allowing your team to grow together is the best New Year’s resolution of all. You can check your local guides for interesting destinations and activities or you can also check-out what other companies are doing on social media and see if you can implement an idea or two for your team.


Take a lunch break every day

Whether you are in the office or working from home, when there are important deadlines due or last-minute changes to a project needed by end of the day, you must schedule out time every day to step away from work and enjoy lunch. Oftentimes, many workers will not even take lunch due to their busy schedules. It is even more difficult stepping away as an employee working remotely, but that is where work-life balance comes into play. If you are a manager, consider enforcing a mandatory lunch break for your employees to ensure they are taking the mid-day break they need.


Be positive

Work on becoming a more uplifting and optimistic worker as your new year’s resolution. It will rub off on others in the office and help boost everyone’s mood. Be the positivity that your co-workers need at work and look forward to being around. Make sure you are focusing on your mental and physical wellness. And celebrating yourself for even the smallest of successes. While you make a change for yourself, you will be helping others around you.


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