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In 2009 the trade union UASA joined forces with writer Henry Morgan and publisher Steve Hoffman and published the award winning book “Between Jobs” The main drive behind the publication has been to boost the low morale of all those affected by the worst economic recession the world has seen in more than eighty years. In South Africa alone more than one million jobs were lost in 2009 and “Between Jobs” was aimed at giving hope and inspiration by conveying the message that we are the masters of our own destiny and that each and every individual should take control of his/her own situation in a structured way.

Now, in 2011, while the world is still reeling from the effects of the recession, the shockwaves of the largest economy struggling to get going is still has a negative impact on world markets. The international economic meltdown, the global debt crisis, sky-rocketing oil prices and low interest rates is causing continuous restructuring and closure of many companies resulting in job losses all over the world. It is possibly true that the world will never be the same again, and so too the workplace and employment security. This is why we need to brace and prepare ourselves mentally and physically for this new world of work.

This gave rise to the writing of a follow-up book which we call “Workwize”. The objective of this book is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills that will assist you in having the most successful, sustainable and rewarding career possible.

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