26 May

A constant worry for most freelancers is if they will have enough clients to support themselves. It’s the biggest challenge facing freelance writers, graphic designers, web developers, or any other freelancer or consultant.

Expanding your client base can easily be done with a bit of energy and some ingenuity. Luckily UASA has put together some tips and tricks that you can implement to get your name out there.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines contribute more than 80 percent of all traffic on the internet. Using SEO to promote your services will greatly increase your chances of getting new clients.

Actively build links to your site to make it rank well in the search engines. The more specific you can get with your site, the better.

Try to rank for the keyword – “Database security freelance writer”, your chances of success will be at least 10x higher than someone who wants to rank for just “freelance writer”. An even more effective approach is to use local SEO. If you’re a freelance marketing consultant in Pretoria, Gauteng, it will be more effective to optimize your website to rank for “freelance marketing consultant in Gauteng”.


A good word can make a huge impact, remember that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Displaying client testimonials on your website may be a great way to attract new clients, but you need to proactively leverage your testimonials to their fullest potential and build your client base. This can be done by:

  • • Connecting testimonials to social media profiles and showing profile pictures
  • • Collecting testimonials from across the internet to show on your site and business pages

Embed your testimonials on your website, landing pages, and Facebook business page if you can.

Showcase your testimonials to the world.

Link up with other freelancers

Consider teaming up with another freelancer, individually or in a group. This may require some negotiating and probably sharing of fees, but you’ll often get a lot of steady work from this source.

The best way to achieve a happy relationship is to share strengths, skills, and expertise. Team up with a freelancer who fulfils a different, but complementary, role. For example, if you are a writer, you can team up with web designers to offer content services to their clients, while they can offer you web design services for your clients.

Use social media

Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or other relevant social media networks to get you in front of thousands of potential clients.

Build your online profile and make sure that you are visible, every single day across as many relevant platforms as possible. Create an identity by making sure that your messaging, graphic elements, personal bio, and profile picture are consistent across all of your profiles, so people can easily recognize that the accounts belong to you.

You should also share relevant content from industry influencers and tag them to get their attention and that of their audience. The more links and connections you can make, the more prominent you will become in your field.

Using social media, you can engage with people who are commenting on issues that interest or concern you directly. Join discussions, answer questions, participate in conversations, and offer comments and suggestions about relevant topics. Doing this will help you become well known in these groups as someone with skills and expertise.

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