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SANDF’s spending on Cuban service providers is disturbing in the light of our own unemployed

UASA is infuriated to learn that the cash-strapped South African National Defence Force (SANDF) spent more than R1 billion on Cuban service providers over the last few years.

UASA is sickened by the fact that government is using tax-payers’ funds to pay this exorbitant amount of money to keep its relations with Cuba smooth at the cost of South Africa’s own qualified engineers.

State-owned enterprise (SOE) Denel is in dire financial straits. Due to budget cuts, government is failing to step in and save the enterprise and the jobs of those employed there but engineers from Cuba have been getting paid.

UASA has been fighting the situation at Denel for quite a while now and the fact that government is failing to assist the enterprise is disheartening to say the least. The situation at Denel has also affected small businesses that provide services to the SOE because the company is unable to make payments and owes millions to service providers.

South Africa’s government needs to take care of its own citizens and patriotic taxpayers before outsourcing key projects worth billions to foreign companies whilst we have capacity within our country where people are willing and able to do the job.

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