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UASA’s new Independent Professional Sector

Today, on Workers’ Day, UASA celebrated its newest sector – the Independent Professional Sector.

We celebrate with a free e-book for independent professionals who work as freelancers in a variety of economic sectors. The e-book, Critical Things to Pay Attention to in Your Freelance Contract, is available at

Freelancing has become the new norm of the 4th industrial revolutions with many workers doing business with a variety of clients. This does offer freelancers the benefits of freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to be their own boss but there are also drawbacks that can make this new kind of life rather less glamorous.

It is, therefore, important that freelancers understand the contracts they work under and to have help at hand when things are not clear or when trouble looms. The UASA e-book discusses the most important clauses that should be in a freelancer’s contracts.

Freelancers are tax-paying members of our society, and while many chose to be self-employed, even more are doing so because they were forced out of full-time employment for a variety of reasons. They succeeded, against all odds and in a difficult economy, in making a life outside of formal employment instead of becoming a burden on the state.

Strangely, this self-sufficient and self-employed sector’s rights are not addressed in South Africa’s labour laws. It seems that, as far as the state is concerned, they do not exist. Without a traditional job and a full-time employment contract, freelancers are not covered by the South African Labour Relations Act, CCMA or bargaining councils.

This means that self-employed independent professionals often face uncertainty when dealing with the various corporates and other entities they contract themselves to.

UASA’s newly launched Independent Professional Sector not only assists with the reviewing of contracts but also offers legal advice or  representation at mediations or in court for members.

For further enquiries or to set up a personal interview, contact Stanford Mazhindu at 074 978 3415

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