27 May

UASA expects Finance Minister Tito Mboweni to table clear and practical financial plans to rescue the South African economy when he tables his 2021 National Budget in Parliament on Wednesday.

Our economy: We need a clear financial focus on the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, limiting the red tape around access to funding and business recue.

Unemployment: As unemployment figures continue to soar we need to see realistic plans for job creation.

Covid-19: We need greater support for industries severely affected by pandemic lockdowns so that they will have sufficient cash flow to continue their businesses as before and hopefully create jobs in the process. We also need a clear vision on future financial plans in terms of vaccine funding, public health, education and business rescue. The taxpayer can’t squarely foot the bill. Government must work closely with business who have extended a hand towards this initiative. In the greater scheme, this is not a huge cost and a solution can be found by working with business, keeping processes transparent and ensuring that there isn’t a repeat of the PPE corruption scandals. In the future, lockdown regulations must be applied more intelligently as we can’t afford to lose more business operations for the sake of our weak economy.

SOEs: During his State of the Nation Address earlier this month, Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa tabled a lot of feel-good developments for state-owned enterprise (SOE) Eskom but what are the financial plans in terms of rescuing the entity and other SOEs like Denel? As of April electricity tariffs will increase by almost 16% – a hefty punishment for workers who have little to nothing left in this frail economy.  UASA again urges government to root out all forms of corruption and nepotism at the SOEs. The taxpayer can’t always foot the bill whilst SOEs limp from one crisis to another until nothing is salvageable. Eskom needs to be prioritised as energy is at the basis of economic growth. At Denel UASA members and other employees have been living on a promise and thin air since last year as they have not been receiving their full salaries. A dire situation that needs immediate intervention from government for the sake of survival for those employed by Denel.

We call on Mboweni to deliver a well-tabled Budget speech that will serve the interest of South Africans.

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