26 May

Changing from the usual face-to-face office routine can be a challenging aspect for a manager or team leader. Virtual meetings have proven to be convenient but sometimes factors outside of team member’s control make it difficult to attend meetings. 

Apart from load shedding, technical glitches, or family emergencies, there are different excuses that a teammate can come up with if they are lazy to attend a meeting or is unable to distinguish work and family time accordingly. 

When working remotely you do not have the advantage of the ‘open door policy’ yet you still have to find a way to give each team member the guidance and support they need to carry out their duties successfully. 

UASA in today’s blog we have put together are a few tips on how you can successfully manage your team virtually 

Establish multiple communication tools

Establishing multiple communication tools can efficiently assist your team to avoid communication mishaps. A few virtual communication platforms that you can implement for your team can include direct phone calls, WhatsApp group chat where you can all communicate, zoom/teams meetings for catch-up meetings and discussions, and emails.

By establishing these platforms as a manager or team leader, you take charge of the team’s communication system making it easier for the team to communicate efficiently. 

Schedule regular meetings

Scheduling consistent briefings effectively contribute to creating a positive routine that gets work done. Constantly engaging with your team ensures that everyone knows what they need to be doing and there is no ambiguity.

Be professional and dress properly 

There is no reason for you to attend a team meeting in your pyjamas or shabby clothes. Always dress properly and assure your team of professionalism at all times. Being well dressed and operating in a distraction-free environment is part of any corporate culture virtually or not. Additionally, setting a professional standard contributes to being efficient and puts the team in the right mindset.

Create a working system

Regardless of your agreed working hours as a team, it is recommended to have at least three-four hours a day where most of the team is online at the same time. Even if some of the teammates are unlikely to need each other to complete their tasks, being online at the same time brings the team closer together and can assist with quick problem-solving.

Use project management tools

Consider using project management tools that are ideal to keep track of deadlines. These tools are very effective as they give alerts and reminders for deadlines. You also get a daily, weekly, or monthly overview of deadlines and the people responsible for those tasks. Monday.com is a great example of these project management tools. 

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