22 May

Innovation is part of the very nature of technology, so it may surprise some to learn that technology is still a male-dominated industry.

Learning how to overcome gender bias is a key ingredient to success as a woman freelancer in the technology industry. As technology culture progresses, there are more opportunities for people to turn to freelance.

There are a variety of benefits of this, but freelancing is riddled with regulation issues. Women are often the target of unhealthy power dynamics in the workplace, and this is no different in the world of online work. Freelancers are often left unprotected by business policies and ethics practices that a company may have in place, so condescending behaviour and restriction often go unnoticed.

In today’s blog, UASA IP has put together a few tips on how to survive the industry as a woman in technology.

Find a mentor

Finding a mentor in the field is the first thing that women can look at and learn how to make an impact in technology and boost their freelancing income. Top women in technology know the struggles first-hand and have had to create their routes to success. A mentor can give tips on how to make work stand out, how to make more money as a freelancer, and where to find clients that are helping women move forward in technology.

Know the worth of your work

Because of the wage gap that women face, they often settle on lower rates to land business. 

Knowing how to negotiate your worth can help offset pay gaps experienced by women in technology. A good negotiator can sniff out someone willing to cave, and women are often seen as easy to persuade. Freelancing relies heavily on price and service negotiations, so learning the art of negotiating is essential for women in particular.

Be determined

All freelancers must market themselves and become leaders in their respective fields, but for women, this may be an uphill battle. They have to work harder and know more than their male counterparts to secure gigs. Additionally, there is less incentive for women in technology to continue working after becoming parents because research indicates that mothers with an advanced degree experience the same success as mothers with no degree at all. So to get ahead, women must be fearless and determined despite the barriers that stand in their way.

The bar is extremely high for female professionals in technology. Freelancing can be especially difficult for women with families to get ahead and get their ideas noticed. Surviving in the technology industry as a woman can be daunting, and seeing success can seem impossible at times. Even though things are changing and more people are becoming conscious of gender biases that prevent women from reaching the top in technology, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

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