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UASA gets organisational rights at KEMJV

After months of recruiting at the diamond mining company KEMJV in Kimberley, UASA reached our target of 33% to regain our organisational rights, which were  taken away when our membership at the mine fell below the threshold figure.

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The team, consisting of Colette, Nico  and Carike, managed to recruit 75 people in 4 months which pushed our membership well over the 33% threshold for organisational rights. We are currently on 36%.

This means members now can get representation on all the mine forums, as well as a leave day for union activities.

The team now only needs 60 members to achieve bargaining rights in the C Lower and C Upper bargaining unit, for which 50% plus 1 is needed.

UASA is pleased with our recruiters’ hard work and dedication and wish them success in their future endeavours

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