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Miranda de Abreu reaches the 50 YEARS’ SERVICE milestone

Miranda started working on 11 December 1967 as Administration Clerk with the SA Railway & Harbour Union which later changed to Transnet Employees Union.

It was very interesting work as we dealt with members in the Railways, Harbours and Airways. You quickly had to learn all station names, where they were situated and under which Province, even as far as the then South West Africa.

Got married on 11th December 1971 and had two children. In the late 80’s I was made Office Supervisor, was responsible for the publishing of the Union magazine Emplo and later year took over bookkeeping system which I did until the amalgamation with another Union.

Memories of those days all work was done manually, you had to walk to a printing shop to do the printing work and wait a week for the work to be done not like today everything is done on computers. Stop Orders for the old Railway Local Accountant had to be typed one and four copies only to be told years down the line “oh we only keep one copy and throw away the rest’’.

Travelling to Congress on the Trans Karoo and having lunch in the Dining Car with all its glory. The highlight of working for a Union is meeting members from all walks of life, what their work entails, how they go about their daily routine, problems they faced in the good times and bad times over the years.

Working for the same company for 50 years might be a life time but remember when you are happy in your work time passes you by, the grass my look greener on the other side but it is what you feel that makes you happy and loyal with the same Employer for so many years.

Miranda De Abreu 50 years