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UASA in full support of Ramaphosa and his New Deal economic vision

UASA welcomes the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC president.

As Jacob Zuma’s successor Ramaphosa faces the daunting task of putting the ANC on the road of recovery, to eradicate state capture and corruption, and to once again gain the trust of South Africans.

Now that Ramaphosa is next in line to also become the next president of South Africa, we trust that his rule will put the country back on the road of true democracy.

As a business leader with union ties to the workers of the country, we look forward to how he will realise his economic vision for South Africa, his New Deal, setting in motion his plans to deal with high unemployment and rising poverty.

His promises are ambitious, including a Youth Employment Service programme that will provide a million paid internships to the unemployed young within three years, to grow GDP by 3% next year and the acceleration of land distribution with systems in place to improve land productivity and new farmer support.

UASA wishes Ramaphosa success on his new path and will support him in every way to realise his New Deal. We hope that the predicted confidence boost following his election will be long-lasting and benefit all South Africans.


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