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Bernie retires after 46 years and 7 months

Bernadette Bernstein started working for SA Boilermakers, Iron and Steel, Shipbuilders and Welding Society on the 1st June 1970, as a clerk. During her career, she lived through 2 amalgamations – firstly, with the establishment of Netu in 1995 and secondly, the amalgamation with UASA in 2003.

Bernie says that she always enjoyed working and the time spent with her UASA family will be cherished going into the future. She wishes to express her sincere thanks to UASA Management and her colleagues. We worked well as a team, she says.

I wish UASA all the best for 2018. May you prosper and grow from strength to strength.

Bernie concludes by saying that she is looking forward to her retirement and spending time with her family.

We wish you a comfortable, peaceful and good health retirement Bernie. You have been a leading example to many of us.