27 May

UASA is pleased by Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement yesterday that large consumers of sugar have committed to procuring at least 80% of their sugar needs from local growers.

This is in terms of the Sugar Master Plan signed last year.

The sugar industry accounts for a significant portion of employment in the agricultural sector, employing about 85 000 workers.

Last year, jobs within the sugar industry were under threat from low-cost Chinese imports and UASA was able to negotiate and save more than 500 jobs in the industry.

We are pleased to know that since the implementation of the plan last year we saw a rise in local production and a decline in imported sugar, creating stability for the industry without posing a threat to job security.

As organised labour, we are pleased to know that jobs are secured and that industries are being revived with practical plans to survive amid Covid-19. We urge Ramaphosa to step up the implementation of similar strategic plans to restore our economy and save more industries. 

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