26 May

Career development is one focus area that one needs to improve at all times. You can enhance your development skills by taking classes, learning from the people around you, gaining new talents, and improving upon existing skills that you possess.

In today’s blog, UASA has a few guidelines that can help you to be committed and be passionate about your job. Possessing a good work ethic can help you to be productive, reliable, and determined to do quality work. This dedication can help you complete tasks on time and motivate your teammates.

Overcome your fears 

Fear can prevent you from growing and progressing. Do not be afraid of taking calculated risks that can benefit your career and your self-development. You can approach someone you look up to in your workplace or school and ask them to be your mentor. This way you can build your confidence, grow and learn by doing things out of your comfort zone.

Learn something new 

Learn a new skill or topic, whether you do it yourself or sign up for a class. You might, for instance, take courses to learn another language, a new software program, or how to write creatively. You can also join a network of other professionals and get inspired by learning from them.

Get a mentor 

If you need help identifying ways to build your self-development skills, talk to a mentor. This individual could be a manager, professor, someone you admire, or a professional personal growth mentor. Mentors are good at piloting mentees into great individuals who can achieve more.

Ask for feedback  

Approach a family member, friend, colleague, or manager, and ask them to give you feedback on your work. Use the positive comments as well as their constructive criticism to find ways to improve. Sometimes you need an unbiased opinion to get a different perspective.


By interacting with different people, you can learn new ideas and understand how to communicate and work with different personality types. You can also meet people and develop relationships that might help you in the future. Network through industry organizations and shared interest groups, or attend conferences and events on topics that interest you.

Observe others 

Watch and learn from the people who inspire you. This could be someone you know, such as a supervisor, family member, or public figure. Identify the qualities you admire in them, and try to replicate those in yourself

Adapt to change

Be flexible so you can deal with changes in work and life easier. Adaptable people can work well both alone and on a team, manage multiple projects, work under a variety of conditions, accept new ideas, and more. Being able to respond well to change can also make these situations less stressful for everyone involved.


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