26 May

Working without a set timeline or turnaround time in mind delays progress in one’s work. This is because you may end up all over the show and not sure what is more important than what, in other words, ‘prioritization’. Knowing what needs to be done first, when, and why?

This is why most professionals are encouraged to consider using efficient timelines when working on different projects and clients. Timelines assist in making things and work easier for you as a professional and sharing the timeline with your clients’ will also go a long way to build trust as clients receive their work according to practical timeframes.

There are several benefits to creating a clear project management timeline. These include:

Improved communication

Poor communication can result in more projects failing than getting more done. This is why it is crucial to create timelines that can assist you with managing your clients’ projects better. A timeline allows your clients to get involved quickly and efficiently when it comes to knowing the timeframe and deadline for the project. By improving communication, you also build trust. This will assist you to have good trust ethic between yourself and clients’. Clients’ are more comfortable with working with someone who knows what they are doing, how and when.


With a project, you have to be flexible. Priority tasks change often, and you must know what needs to be done before anything else. A timeline helps to set clear priorities and directions so that the most critical tasks are cleared out of the way first. For example, having the first draft of work-ready by the agreed time will give you and your client enough time to work on any amendments that may need to be done. 

Easy project progress tracking 

Let’s say you do happen to fall behind schedule with a project. The advantage of a project management timeline is that you can identify when you have fallen behind a due date as soon as possible. This means you can react as quickly as possible and get work done.

Efficient time management

When you properly plan your project with a timeline, you get to understand the importance of managing your time better and get more work done. You will be able to focus on what needs to get done in time and not fall behind with your work.

Improved enthusiasm

Motivation can be the driving force behind a project. Some professionals find it easier to stay motivated when they can see a timeline in front of them as it helps to sharpen their focus and discipline. The more they do within a timeframe the more enthusiastic they are their work, which is a win-win for both parties.

 In our next blog, UASA IP will look at how you can create a good and efficient timeline for all your projects and stay on track with your work.     


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