26 May

Freelancing can be hard. It is not unusual for freelancers to experience periods of overwhelming amounts of work followed by panic-inducing lulls in business. 

Freelancers don’t just have to do their work, they also have to find their work, provide customer service related to the work, and pursue payment for their work. In this way, freelancers are administrators, marketers, book-keepers, and executives – all at once.

Amid these challenges, it can be easy to forget that there are many benefits to freelancing. If you’re feeling burnt out or just want to take full advantage of being a freelancer, try one of the following ideas for putting the fun back in freelancing.

Do Something Enjoyable in the Middle of the Day

Go to the beach, a museum, the movies, or anywhere you think is fun in the middle of a traditional “work-day.” It’s what half of your full time employed friends think you do every day anyway. A day-time adventure may mean working late or sacrificing a weekend day, but the feeling of freedom and control over your schedule is worth it.

Meet Other Freelancers

Freelancers are a diverse and fun crew whose personalities range from corporate to what can only be described as “interesting”. Freelancers also have a knack for finding interesting ways to make money. By engaging with other freelancers, you can learn about other industries and gigs that you didn’t even know existed.

Take on a Passion Project

One of the best parts of freelancing is that you aren’t limited in the type of projects you can take on. Try taking on a small side project in an area outside of your usual work. 

Go wild and do something completely out of your usual, or do something that is just incrementally different. If you’re a writer, write on a subject that is out of the norm for you.

Get legal protection

As a member of UASA Independent Professionals, you can rest easy and have fun knowing that your legal expert is just a phone call away. Taking away the stress of constantly worrying if you would be paid on time or have a project taken away from you without your knowledge. 

If none of these ideas resonate with you, choose your own adventure by answering the following question:

‘What’s something fun that you cannot do with a traditional 9-to-5 job?’

Then go do it.

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